"10 cents an hour, that’s all they pay"

1. Korea

2. Jon Jon Briones (West End revival)

3. John Partridge & Ima Castro (UK tour)

4. Unknown (Korea)

5. & 6. Kim Sung-Gi (Korea)

7. Jon Jon Briones (UK tour)

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Raymond Sepe as the Engineer

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Song: Why God Why
Artist: Stephen Tewksbury
Album: Miss Saigon - Broadway, March 16, 1999
Plays: 8
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Tanya’s twitter Q&A

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"Conceived in hell and born in strife"

1. Hugh Maynard (West End revival)

2. Marlon Henry (Dutch revival)

3. John Partridge (UK tour)

4. Hugh Maynard (UK tour)

5. Victor Hugo Barreto (Original Brazilian cast)

6. Edwin Jonker (Dutch revival)

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Are you going to do a review of the show?



i’ll just do a really quick summary review here i guess

friday 11th july 2014

  • jon jon: literally so fabulous! i found myself laughing at all his ad-libs he has truly mastered the engineer’s humour to a t and ah i’m so glad he’s back
  • eva: super cute, i was really impressed by her! at times she was so defiant and intense but at others her singing was kind of weak i don’t know how else to put it?? though all in all i don’t think she deserves as much critism as she gets on this damn website, and although i was dress circle so i unfortunately couldn’t see all her facials, it was clear her kim worked well with the other characters and her chemistry with alistair was good
  • alistair: i do like him as chris but idk at points he looked kind of lost (some of the blocking is a bit ??) not much to say about him, his voice and 10 second shirtless scene tho is A++
  • kwang-ho: BABE BABE BABE. i personally thought his diction was very good despite other people saying the contrary and he gets so into character to the point where i actually felt sorry for thuy at parts! some really nice touches as well like i loved his mini breakdown at the beginning of thuy’s death and just uGH <3
  • hugh and tamsin were both just kind of meh there wasn’t anything special about how they potrayed their characters.. idk..
  • rachelle: ajkfdhglgahasdhl her performance was so beautiful, i love everything about her it’s just a shame she’s not on stage more!
  • ck: special shoutout to ck as tam oh my god she was so adorable and confident god bless
  • to conclude: i love (the majority of) this cast, i love this production, i love this show and i can’t wait to see it again in october bye
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Mario Tadeo as Thuy

Mario Tadeo as Thuy

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Song: The American Dream
Artist: Herman Sebek
Album: Miss Saigon - Last Show - Toronto
Plays: 22
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Some pictures of Tanya’s Q&A

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Tanya Manalang and Julia Abueva


Tanya Manalang and Julia Abueva

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Some more of Tanya’s Q&A with fans!!

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Do you know what nights Eva does and what nights her alternative does? :)


Tanya does Thursday evenings and Saturday matinees, Eva does the rest :)

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Send me a musical and I’ll tell you

Opinion on it:
Favorite song:
Favorite scene:
Dream Role:

Do you know when the cast recording it out? :)

I asked at the souvenir kiosk mid May and they told me 2-3 months, so maybe in the next month or so?

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"I’ve tasted love beyond all fear, and you should know it’s love that brought you here"

1. Eva Noblezada (West End revival)

2. Miriam Valmores Marasigan (UK tour)

3. Laurie Cadevida (Australian tour)

4. Jennifer Hubilla (UK tour)

5. Na-Young Jeon (Dutch revival)

6. Kim Bo-Kyung (Original Korean cast)

7. Niizuma Seiko (Japan)

8. Jennifer Hubilla (US tour)

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